We provide a backdrop against which talented dentists can focus on their patients. As an alliance, we bring together dedicated and cutting-edge practices. You’re not a client – you’re a partner. Your success is our success.

Before starting Summit Dental Consulting, I experienced advantages and disadvantages of working in a group and private practice for several years. I felt we could bring some of the advantages of group dentistry into private practice. It only seemed natural to create an alliance that would help dentists get the support they need – making their practice stronger. Summit Dental Consulting partners with each dentist, vesting both our interests in shared success.

Dr. Todd Hehli


What We Do

Our script for success is a team organized around your practice. We want to match your strengths and implement tried and true systems that are customized to your vision. Below are some areas Summit Dental can help make your practice even more efficient and successful.

Human Resources

Your partner in all things dealing with your team.


Never worry about the numbers. We have your back.


Need tech support? We have a dedicated team to answer your questions.


We broaden your brand and get people in your door.

Coach Training

Grow and develop your business from the ground up with a dental coach by your side. Our success is your success.


We help you find the best talent and get them onboarded successfully.

Why We're Different

Most other organizations treat your practice under their umbrella. They can cut your methods of success and create governing tactics that reduce your freedom to practice the way you want. With Summit Dental Consulting we believe it is your choice to do what is right. We are here to provide great knowledge and methods through 20+ years of helping dental practices grow. 


We are a Dental Partnership Alliance, not a big brother.

Your Partner. Your Success.

Take the admin work off your plate and reap the
success of being in control of your own practice.

Interested In Partnering With
Summit Dental Consulting?

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