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The way a dentist practices can be diverse. Each individual practice has its differences and we want to ensure their core identity is never lost. Traditional DSOs can cause a lack in community identity, high turnover, limited opportunities, and more. On the other hand, in a private practice it can be hard to implement new systems, use economies of scale, and leverage infrastructure. With Summit we can alleviate numerous pressure points of both private and group practices. We keep your identity but give you the strength to achieve what you desire. See the difference Summit can provide in the bullet points below.

Private Practice

What Our Doctors Think

Reduce Operating

Streamline your processes and alleviate daunting operations that you feel are hindering your growth.

Broaden Brand Reach

Get your practice noticed by existing and new patients in your community. We strive to get your brand recognized and make sure they experience your practice's best qualities.

Keep Patients Happy

Focus on your patients' health and happiness while we support your journey of practice growth. Patient happiness is the pinnacle.

Patient Focused Growth

We believe if you take great care of each patient and have good systems in place your practice will grow and revenue will follow.

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