What We Do

How We Make Your Office As Effective & Efficient As Possible

We're Not Your Big Brother,
We're An Extension Of Your Team

We want to assemble a great cast that can support your entire business. It’s our goal to not look over your shoulder dictating every move. Our systems are available wherever and whenever YOU need them. Running a practice is a symbiotic relationship. We communicate our philosophies when needed and always have the most important goal in mind, the patient’s health and happiness. With Summit you won’t feel like a number or be left stranded. We work together, supplying your team with systems and personnel to create the best patient experience possible.

We Provide A Team Dedicated To Your Success

It is our goal to give you and your office the support it needs in the areas you desire.
We are only a call away to help in any of these areas of your practice.

We help each individual team member through every step of their employment journey. You can depend on Summit to ease the pain of your human resources tasks.

Built with a full accounting department, Summit will help you find comfort knowing the numbers are always right. Dedicated to growth we will make sure you stay positive and profitable.

Not technically savvy? Don’t worry we have an incredible IT department to help with all things technology. We can help you find new systems to keep you running smoothly and always be there to answer the hard tech questions.

Marketing your practice is a daunting task. From the ever changing landscape of media to the simple day-to-day communications, Summit has your back. We can help grow your practice’s brand reach and make sure you are getting noticed daily instead of monthly.

We dedicate a dental coach to each individual practice to always be a shoulder to lean on. Day in and day out your coach will help your practice succeed by continually having your best interests at heart. Whether it be through training your team on new systems or simply game-planning, your coach is there for you. Always.

Finding the best talent is a big task. We have a whole team dedicated to curating the greatest talent in the dental industry. It is incredibly important to find the correct fit for every hire. It’s our goal to keep you involved at whatever level you choose.

Not only do we help keep your orders organized and on-time but we also help procure the best and newest dental technology. We keep your practice up-to-date and always filled with supplies so it runs as efficiently as possible.

Ensuring compliance across multiple agencies for your business can be hectic. Our compliance team will work through any hiccups and continue to always keep the practice fully compliant and operational.

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