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How We Support You

We specialize in relationship-based dentistry. We try to expand the ability of each practice to increase their BLT (Believability, Likability, and Trust). Through our systems we support your practice to help each patient feel their voice is heard and their care is the highest quality. Your practice won’t be left on an island to fend for itself. We hold you and your patients’ health in the utmost regard.

About Us

Summit Dental Consulting started in 1999 when Dr. Todd Hehli wanted to bring advantages of private and group practices together. He originally saw the benefits of both organizational types and wanted to focus on creating better relationship-based dental experiences for his patients. Over the past 20+ years Summit Dental Consulting has grown with its practices. It has now proudly helped hundreds of doctors to start, expand, and grow their practice.

Meet Us

We are a team dedicated to your success. Meet a few of the faces that will help you on your journey below.

Dr. Todd Hehli


Dr. Todd Hehli started Summit Dental Consulting in 1999 after practicing dentistry for many years. It was his goal to create family practices with great leverage by creating an alliance of dental partnerships. Summit practices retain the identity of their individual communities while gaining the power of many dental alliances.

Steve Rohrscheib


Steve has been with Summit Dental Consulting from the beginning. Teaming with Dr. Hehli, Steve helps each office by aiding in nearly every aspect of their organization. From finance to onboarding he is a shoulder to lean on. 

Carly Schimmel


Carly is Summit Dental’s recruiting aficionado. She has the great ability to find the best talent when practices need it most. Doctors can be confident in her hands when they are looking for top talent and great people.

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